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For TERAWATT Intelligent Demand Response Technology, a tailored energy efficient solution, a thorough on-site study of building energy requirements is needed to adequately assess possible savings and inherent project cost. Usually ROI is one year, and proven results are guarantee.

An available basic check-list may assist generating a preliminary analysis that may validate subsequent on-site assessments. All the studies and evaluations are complimentary with the following goals:

  • Identify objectives of the exploratory energy projections (histogram)
  • Evaluation plan focusing electric loads eligible to interface the Terawatt System
  • Collect technical data from selected loads and inherent Terawatt interface modules
  • Confirm preliminary projections with on-site evaluations to sustain a guaranteed proposal
  • Establish a sustained criteria for the communication BUS (serial hardwiring) with Terawatt peripherals
  • Convert information in a guarantee economical proposal with ROI usually less than one year
  • Endorse cost-savings, identifying investment and fully guaranteed benefits
  • Generate impact study-proposal for project approval with no down time during installation

Organizations throughout the world use Terawatt iDR fully automated technology with 24/7 monitoring remote access; an innovative intelligent demand response technology that rationalizes valuable energy resources by adjusting electrical contracts and shape the electric load profile thus saving in demand costs (kW) and in active power costs (kWh). Large or small Plants, Hotels, Hospitals, Arenas and Conference Centers, Auditoriums and Theaters, Malls, Supermarkets, Schools and Universities, Office Buildings, Storage Facilities, Restaurants, Catering Units, Military Complexes, etc. are among the many facilities that trusted TERAWATT IDR Technology to assist their sustainability programs and energy cost effectiveness.

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