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European Power management Systems – EUPMS continues to develop unique tools to actively reduce electricity costs while increasing the rational use of energy, proactively promote energy efficiency and energy conservation, driven by an unyielding commitment to deliver the cutting-edge, guaranteed, proven cost-saving solutions that are fully automated and easy to monitor with an undoubtedly cost effectiveness and fast pay-back: No investment risk.

  • Full 24/7 Service Contracts
  • Energy Monitoring and Performance-Tracking Reporting
  • Energy Procurement and on-line System’s remote access
  • Real-time continuous electric load management with performance reporting, detailed charts and tables
  • Sustainability and Energy Efficiency, reduction of carbon footprint, dynamic energy conservation

Monitoring and Performance-Tracking Reports of installed Systems and Technologies together with a reliable 24/7 customer service is EUPMS priority, offering proficient engineering support and complete surveillance on managed operations thus allowing to identify eventual anomalies or events susceptible to impact facility’s activity or its cost-effectiveness, guaranteeing a steady Electric Load Management and Power Control through after warranty Service and Monitoring Agreements.

Electricity prices are constantly changing thus significantly affecting energy budgets at any organization, poor energy procurement decisions can be quite expensive. Terawatt IDR can unquestionably reduce electricity costs by taking a proactive, transparent and competent approach to any type of business, creating a tailored energy efficient environment, fully monitored 24/7. Even a change of the energy source can be a lucrative and eco-friendly alternative if properly assessed with Terawatt IDR. To reduce energy usage/costs without an educated and sustained criteria may result in a financial catastrophe with substantial technical and operational implications. Therefore cost-savings projects must always be supported by professional evaluations, thus framing the adequate Terawatt IDR Technology profile that will be subsequently tailored to the specific business needs, promoting the desired cost effectiveness.

Any energy sector asset management (ESAM) project needs to collect data from energy systems across an entire facility to evaluate efficiency and implement procedures to improve energy use therefore dynamically contribute to business sustainability – Terawatt iDR is indubitably a reference in such field, a proven no risk investment that offers full guarantee on proposed results.