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EUPMS continues to develop unique tools to make energy efficiency, energy management, and energy conservation simpler, smarter, and safer—driven by an unyielding commitment to deliver the cutting-edge solutions that are proven, guaranteed, easy to use and cost effective:

  • Full Service Contracts for TERAWATT IDR Technology
  • Energy Monitoring and Performance-Tracking
  • Energy Procurement
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Sustainability and Energy Asset Management

Monitoring and Performance-Tracking Reports of installed solutions and technologies is a priority of EUPMS that offers a 24/7 engineering support and a complete monitoring on existing operations, allowing to identify any anomalies and events susceptible to impact energy operation or facilities energy cost-effectiveness, guaranteeing indefinitely a perfect Power Optimization through extended guarantee service contracts, available after the pay-back period.

Energy prices fluctuate constantly, which can significantly affect organizations profitability, therefore poor energy procurement decisions can be quite expensive. Energy costs can be controlled and reduced by taking a proactive and competent approach to markets. Even a change of the energy source can be a lucrative and eco-friendly alternative, nonetheless and while energy efficiency is the goal to reduce the amount of required energy to providing products and services, to reduce energy use without an educated criteria in a proven and guaranteed project, may result in a financial catastrophe and relevant operational implications. Therefore any cost-savings project must be preceded by a professional assessment identifying the right technology that can be tailored adequately to the specific business needs.

Energy asset management allows the collection of data from energy systems across an entire company to evaluate the efficiency of these systems and implement procedures or alternatives to improve energy use and dynamically contribute to sustainability.