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A patented hardware-software solution that reduces electricity usage in kilo-watt-hour (kWh) for any type of facility through a tailored predictive-adaptive control using an proprietary algorithm that manages the load trajectory cycle or active power integration (utilities intervals) resulting from the integration of the coefficient of simultaneity (instant power) of power demand during each measured period/cycle – utilities meter record (for any tariff or interval). An optimized load shape profile is the result of this continuous real-time power demand, permanently controlling energy demand during the several measured intervals per day, hence significantly reducing electricity charges – kW & kWh. Utility records will reflect the inherent power decrease, resulting in lower electricity costs on a constant and sustained billing reduction 24/7. In addition, the TERAWATT IDR™ technology collects and reports energy consumption (kWh), peak (kW), tracks facility’s overall carbon footprint, while monitoring user’s energy profile, efficiency results and sustainability status, locally or remotely through safe protocols.

The future energy-saving solution is based on the real-time power optimization of selected loads / designated equipment; electricity conservation is TERAWATT IDR™ Systems priority, offering energy efficiency, completely tailored electrical operation thus guaranteeing a dependable continuous management & monitoring, real-time load optimization with a patented user-friendly software proactively producing monthly performance-tracking reports for engineering control, financial evaluations and energy-savings surveillance.

Setting-up this proven, reliable, tailored and fully automated technology does not interrupt normal operations or services, and doesn’t require any special infra-structures or unique installation conditions.

EUPMS TERAWATT IDR Technology essential key-facts:

  • Proven technology with low investment cost, fast pay-back / ROI, continuous surveillance of savings, help improving Gross Operating Profit – GOP.
  • Fully Automated System, working real-time 24/7 under a proprietary algorithm, in a tailor-made energy optimization profile.
  • Detailed monthly Performance-tracking Reporting offering real-time hourly optimization results valorized with utilities active rates.
  • Auto-regulated for several personalized input protocols: relative humidity / temperature / T-Parameters (recording optional)
  • System remote / local access password protected interface on 15” color touch screen monitor
  • Interface option with Distributed Generation platforms, EMS, BAS, Modbus, Scada protocols and other energy efficiency solutions.
  • Real-time recording and monitoring of all type of fluids (i.e. temperature, water, gas, etc.); Chilled water temperature set-point protection in real-time.
  • Smart Grid compatible with fully automated interface protocols
  • Remote periodical software updates and data download
  • Full interface with utilities smart-grid new generation communication protocols
  • Real-time access on System’s status by remote access (TCP/IP); GSM alarm activation (optional)
  • Detects and eliminate energy waste helping to meet corporate sustainability goals on emissions throughout periodic performance reports
  • Automated ATS commutation Utility grid / Emergency – monitoring and optimization for both networks
  • Emergency Network Generators full electric load optimization & monitoring preventing overload and inherent power failure
  • Assist in compliance with energy regulations and to negotiate rate plans with utilities (deregulated energy market or contractual reassessment)
  • Business Enhanced Profile through Key Performance Indicators – KPI’s
  • Suitable for almost any type of business environment, from small facilities to large structures, any type with Master/Slave Technology. Terawatt Systems are completely personalized to fit special requirements of any major electrical network, public or private, even when power supply is delivered by multiple energy sources (i.e. emergency generation management -monitoring & control).