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Substation Automation and Protection

The supply of electrical energy occupies an important position in the life of modern society. Operation of commerce, industry, transport, health service and private household are all dependent on regular and dependable supply of electrical energy. The quality of supplied electrical energy also depends on information about the state of power system. A successful power system operation therefore requires the use of state-of-the-art secondary equipment, which enables protection, monitoring, supervision and control of individual devices as well as whole power system.

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Capacitors are used throughout electrical engineering and electronics. They store electric charges and filter or regulate current and voltage in electronic circuitry. Iskra offers a vast array of capacitors in numerous application-specific and customer-specific designs. Constant product improvement has resulted in components that are smaller, more reliable and more cost-effective than their predecessors. The power capacitor range, for example, encompasses low voltage power factor correction capacitors, low voltage power factor banks, high voltage power capacitors, induction heating capacitors, HV capacitors for network tone control, and capacitors for protecting HV power switches. These components are mainly used in large energy plants.The company’s radio interference suppression capacitors and filters range are used in electronic household appliances such as washing machines, vacuum cleaners, tumble driers, etc. Customers in this segment include renowned white goods manufacturers such as Whirlpool, Miele, BSH. Equipped with state-of-the-art automated manufacturing and testing facilities, Iskra produces its capacitors to the latest international standards; strict quality control is maintained throughout the entire manufacturing process. Iskra is committed to working with customers to satisfy their project needs with the best product solutions.

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Low Voltage Switchgear

Low-voltage switchgears can be used for dwellings and industry. Maximal voltage is 1000 V for all products, and maximal permitted current for certain types of switches is up to 4000 A. The following groups of products are available:

  • Auxiliary contactors (mainly used in industry as elements for control circuits)
  • Motor contactors (industrial and general application for switching AC and DC motors of various categories)
  • Installation contactors (used in installations for switching low-inductive and ohmic loads; especially heating, illumination)
  • Motor protection switches (industrial and general application for motors switching and protection)
  • Switches for differential current (used in installations as a protective element from shock hazard)
  • Installation circuit-breakers (used in installations as protection from over-load)
  • Load switches (used in industry as main switches without protection)
  • Low-voltage circuit-breakers (used in industry as main switches with protection)
  • Rotary, proximity, micro and final switches

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Electrical Measuring Instruments

Our electrical measuring instruments for your projects in the fields of utilities, power stations, gensets, boats, etc., are divided into groups: measuring centers, measuring transducers, energy meters, analogue, digital and portable meters, controllers and sensors. Measuring instruments from Iskra can measure electrical quantities from basic criteria like voltage and current up to more than 140 electrical parameters. These can be mounted in various ways: on panel or on rail; the instruments can be portable. Equipped with sensors, they can also measure non-electrical parameters like temperature. We also produce some products that are quite unique on the market; such as synchronoscopes, used for manual or semi-automatic synchronization. If you want to know more, simply choose the group of our products you are interested in.

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Professional Batteries

Due to our expertise in battery products and quality manufacturing processes (ISO 9001 since 1998) we have evolved into the leading European manufacturer of professional batteries for the electric fence devices and for the traffic signalization market. We are steadily improving air-oxygen technology for professional batteries for application in agriculture and traffic signalization.

Major features of the COMPACT batteries:

  • small compact housing
  • constant discharge characteristics
  • high energy density, approx. 350 Wh/kg
  • automatic decease of the self-discharging rate due to automatic reduction of oxygen supply in the case of the disconnection of the battery from the consumer device
  • low internal resistance/less losses
  • high energy density, approx. 350 Wh/kg
  • easy and economic recycling due to low volumes of waste materials
  • low consumption of fossil fuels in transport due to low weight of batteries/high energy density.
  • Air-acid battery line for electric fence applications

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